202104 John Lewis Lockdown Reopening 1

Employees at the John Lewis store on Oxford Street affix signs welcoming shoppers back in advance of lockdown roadmap rules in England that allow shops to reopen on 12 April.

202104 John Lewis Lockdown Reopening 2

I came across these three ladies on a freezing cold morning whilst walking into the heart of the city. My hands were frozen, having left a couple of hours earlier, and i could overhear these employees also complaining about their hands being cold. As I continued walking around the Oxford Street area it was nice to get a sense of buzz about the reopening next week. Staff could be seen inside shops again, affixing signs, putting out stock or having training meetings, window cleaners were busy polishing the glass and dray lorries were busy outside pubs delivering the first beer for sale this year.

202104 John Lewis Lockdown Reopening 3

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