An estimated one hundred thousand protestors marched from Park Lane to Whitehall in central London on Saturday, 21 October 2023, to show their support for Palestine following the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas. The war was declared following the of atrocities of 7th October when Hamas terrorists, based in the Gaza Strip, crossed into neighbouring Israel murdering over 1400 people and kidnapping over 200 more.

Protesters held signs with messages such as ‘Freedom for Palestine’, ‘Stop bombing Gaza’, whilst others had placards and chanted the controversial slogan ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’.

The march, which kicked off around 2pm, headed to Whitehall was largely over by around 5pm and encountered some very heavy rain at one point. Some elements of the crowd, including many masked protestors, hung around Trafalgar Square towards dusk, climbing onto the base of Nelson’s Column and letting off fireworks.

These images are a gallery of some of the photos I captured from the protest (click on any image to view all as a slideshow):

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