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  • Palestine Rally.

    Palestine Rally.

    An estimated one hundred thousand protestors marched from Park Lane to Whitehall in central London on Saturday, 21 October 2023, to show their support for Palestine following the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas. The war was declared following the of atrocities of 7th October when Hamas terrorists, based in the Gaza Strip, crossed…

  • Elizabeth Tower (‘Big Ben’).

    Elizabeth Tower (‘Big Ben’).

    On a bright March day, I had the opportunity of a visit to Westminster where the Elizabeth Tower, more commonly referred to as ‘Big Ben’, was looking splendid after its recent restoration. Scaffolding has almost all gone and three of the four faces of the clock are showing the correct time. Just the north-facing side…

  • Lovedown Camp, Shepherd’s Bush.

    Lovedown Camp, Shepherd’s Bush.

    A collective of protestors known as Lovedown camped on Shepherd’s Bush Green for almost three weeks to protest at many of the measures introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.,.

  • Lockdown Protest.

    Lockdown Protest.

    Protestors gathered in central London on Saturday, 24 April 2021 to call for an ending to measures brought in since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.K. Many also were angry at the possible introduction of vaccine passports to prove a person has received a coronavirus jab. The rally met at Hyde Park Corner and proceeded…

  • National Covid Memorial Wall.

    National Covid Memorial Wall.

    Family and friends of Covid-19 victims paint hearts at the National Covid Memorial Wall in front of St. Thomas’ Hospital in central London. Each individually drawn heart represents a victim of the coronavirus virus.

  • We Need Crew.

    We Need Crew.

    Stefano Serpagli in front of the O2 Empire Shepherd’s Bush as part of a fundraising cycle ride for We Need Events, helping to raise awareness and funds for the plight of the UK’s live touring crew during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Masked Messages.

    Masked Messages.

    As someone with disabilities that include not being able to wear a face-mask, I have been particularly interested in reading the messages shop-keepers have put on their outlets to enforce the requirement for people to wear them, brought in as legislation in July 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some, particularly the larger chains, have…

  • St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden.

    St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden.

    The images on this page are of the facade of the east face of St. Paul’s Church and the area in front of it. Normally this space throngs with tourists and visitors watching buskers and street performers who use the church portico and area in front as their stage. When I visited the area, during…

  • Cooke’s Pie Shop.

    Cooke’s Pie Shop.

    The former A. Cooke’s pie and mash shop in Shepherd’s Bush, west London. The shop was due to be demolished as part of a redevelopment of Shepherds Bush Market but delays to the plans has meant the facade has recently been restored instead.

  • Black-headed Gull.

    Black-headed Gull.

    A black-headed gull (scientific name Chroicocephalus ridibundus) rests on the Thames embankment opposite the Houses of Parliament on a cold winters day. The black-headed gull is commonly found on habitats such as farmland, wetland and coastal habitats throughout the UK. It is estimated there are about 140,000 breeding pairs in the UK and about 2.2…

  • Lockdown Protest.

    Lockdown Protest.

    Anti-lockdown activist Debbie Hicks stands next to a number of police vans after being arrested at a protest in Parliament Square on the day Parliament votes to endorse further coronavirus lockdown legislation.

  • Hotel Russell.

    Hotel Russell.

    The Kimpton Fitzroy, formerly the Hotel Russell, a flamboyant French Renaissance style building in the Bloomsbury area facing Russell Square.