Protestors gathered in central London on Saturday, 28 November 2020 to demonstrate against official measures that have been brought in since the coronavrus pandemic hit the U.K. A demonstration had originally planned to meet at Kings Cross Station at noon but faced with a very heavy police presence the organisers changed the venue to Hyde Park. Police attempted to block protestors from gathering in large numbers forcing them to split into smaller groups where some were followed or chased by police.

I watched police follow protestors through Mayfair as they headed towards Piccadilly Circus, picking some individuals off and detaining them for no apparent crime other than they had gathered to protest in breach of current coronavirus emergency legislation. One protestor, dressed in Santa Claus outfit, was detained outside the former U.S. embassy at Grosvenor Square whilst others were kettled and detained as streets narrowed further along.

At Regent Street I saw scuffles as again police detained certain protestors to the anger of the crowd.

Police were there in very large numbers from different forces and I noticed at least two covert survelliance vans monitoring individuals. Photographers were also being moved away and I saw one being spoken to by an angry policeman and another complain that he was nearly arrested.

These images are a gallery of some of the photos I captured from the protest (click on any image to view all as a slideshow):


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