Piers Corbyn clearly divides the room. The long-range weather forecaster and activist, who has previously rejected the scientific consensus on climate change, has become notable during this coronavirus for his views that COVID-19 as a “hoax”, vaccines are dangerous and lockdowns are wrong.

Although I have been to a few of the major anti-lockdown rallies recently, I havent managed to see Piers close-up so took the opportunity to photograph him when he announced he would be speaking outside Westminster Magistrates’ Court prior to a hearing into his arrests by the Metropolitan Police in May. A handful of supporters were there and one agency photographer.

At the hearing Corbyn, the older brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was found guilty of breaking coronavirus restrictions on one of the charges at an anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park in May but avoided a fine. The Court threw out a second charge as the Police had been wrong to charge the 73 year-old after already issuing him with a penalty notice.

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